Learning to solve problems

“Robots – memorising formulas, regurgitating facts. Pretending that we understood when we didn’t have a clue. Playing by the rules of the examiner. That’s before we met Mr G, who rescued us from the education system that failed us all. He was a teacher who relished making you think, and not telling you the answer. … Continue reading Learning to solve problems

Better start now

This happened about two weeks ago. I get a phone call from my wife a few minutes after she left home on her bike. “I was hit by a car. The guy just didn’t see me.” My heart sank. This was the third time in the past couple of years that someone very close to … Continue reading Better start now

On excellent teaching and human excellence

Spending a week in Mumbai during the Synergies workshop and a day in Pune – the other city where Teach For India places its fellows – helped me clarify one of the big questions I’ve been asking myself for a long time. Four years ago we were setting up Noored Kooli, the Estonian programme within … Continue reading On excellent teaching and human excellence